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November, 2006: I purchased a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Station from ambient weather. (An early Christmas present from my wife) The Weather Station was installed in our backyard in Country Meadow, Clay, NY, Thanksgiving weekend with assistance from my wife.
Users can click on the image of the Country Meadow sign to the right to view Weather Station location. The sensors are mounted on a 4" x 4" x 8' cedar post in my wife's garden. Because this was going in my wife's garden it needed to look reasonably good. The post was then stained and placed in the ground with 100 lbs of concrete. Yes I over did the concrete - 50 lbs would have been sufficient.

Location: Latitude: 43 10' 16" N, Longitude: -76 9' 40" W, Altitude: 125 Meters

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) is located 5' above the ground and 50' from the nearest building. The ISS contains sensors for: Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Solar Radiation, and Ultraviolet Light. The ISS is solar powered with battery backup and contains a wireless transmitter. The Anemometer is located 14' (4 meters) above the ground. The standard height utilized by NOAA for Anemometers is 10 meters for aviation reasons and is not an option for us due to asthetics and maintenance issues. The Anemometer which is controlled by the ISS measures wind speed and direction. Numerous other measurements are collected utilizing various combinations of the sensors ex. Dewpoint, Windchill, etc.

The data collected by my Weather Station is shared with the public thanks to two things that now make this possible; the microprocessor (Weather Station and Personal Computer) and the Internet. Data is wirelessly transmitted from the ISS every 2.5 seconds to the Vantage Pro2 Console (Control / Display) in my home. The console contains sensors for Barometric Pressure, Inside Temperature and Humidity. The console is connected to my Personnal Computer (PC) which allows me to archive the data. The software being utilized is: Davis Weatherlink which allows me to display all Weather Station Gauges and data / reports real time on my PC. I currently have the software configured to archive Weather data to my PC every 10 minutes via a data logger (Storage device) in the console. The data collected is shared near real time via a broadband connection (Time Warner - Road Runner) and the Internet. Weatherlink v.6.0.5 and Weather-Display (10.37S-(b104)) weather station software are used to support this website.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The data collected by my Weather Station is shared with the public in three ways:

a. "Citizen Weather Observation Program" (CWOP) a volunter weather observer program which shares it's data National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) near real time. The data collected by CWOP is uploaded to NOAA every 15 minutes via the Internet. The data is imported into NOAA database: Meteorlogical Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS). The data in MADIS is utilized for improving Weather Forecasting and is available to the public via the Internet.The quality of the data collected by my Weather Station is checked daily by MADIS for accuracy. Feedback is provided to data contributors so they have the information needed to check and improve their data quality. Becoming a member of CWOP was my first priority. My Weather Station ID: CW6839

b. My personal web site: Your Local Weather - Clay, NY

c. Weather Underground; Station ID: KNYCLAY2

About Clay, NY

CLAY was formed from Cicero April 16, 1827, and named in honor of the distinguished statesman, Henry Clay. It is the central town upon the northern border of Onondaga County. Its surface is quite flat, but little elevated above the level of Oneida Lake. Oneida River forms the northern, and Seneca River the western boundary. Clay was within the Central New York Military Tract. The town was first settled by outsiders around 1791 and was previously known as West Cicero, NY. The Town of Clay was formed in 1827 from the Town of Cicero, one of the original townships of the military tract. Most famous son: actor Richard Gere.

The Town of Clay is northwest of Syracuse. It is the largest town in the county, contains part of the Village of North Syracuse, New York, and is an affluent suburb of Syracuse, New York. It contains the major retail strip of Syracuse's northwesterly suburbs, along NY-31, including the Great Northern Mall.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 48.8 square miles (126 km2), of which, 48.0 square miles (124 km2) of it is land and 0.8 square miles (2.1 km2) of it (1.60%) is water. The north town line is the border of Oswego County, New York, marked by the Oneida River. The Seneca River marks the west town line. Both these rivers join into the Oswego River near the community of Three Rivers. The renovated Erie Canal follows the rivers around the border of Clay. Interstate 481 from the Route 31 bridge. Town of Clay neighborhood. New York State Route 31 is an east-west highway through the town. New York State Route 481 intersects NY-31 west of Euclid. Clay is north of Onondaga Lake. As of the census of 2000, there were 58,805 people, 22,294 households, and 15,940 families residing in the town.

Data source: Wikipedia

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